Extra Photo: South Side Brewing Delivers to Schaller’s Pump, 1936

Delivery from South Side Brewery to Scahller's Pump on 37th & Halsted

Fresh Beer Delivery To Schaller’s Pump!

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6 thoughts on “Extra Photo: South Side Brewing Delivers to Schaller’s Pump, 1936

  1. My dad talked about working at the “Ambrosia Brewery” as a young man. I think it was around 38th and one block west of Halsted. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    • Hi, it was on 37th and Halsted. Ambrosia was the brewery that brewed Nectar beer. Schaller’s was there brew pub. There is a great photo in our book of Ambrosia, Schallers and all.

    • Dave, are you any relation to Ellen Twombly, whose father owned a barrel manufacturing company behind their home? Ellen and I were school mates at Nativity Of Our Lord Grade School in the 50s.

        • If you do see Ellen, please say hello to her from me. It’s been 53 years since we last saw each other as students at St Mary Of Perpetual Help High School on West 32d. St. We shared many good memories at Nativity Of Our Lord Grade School, and at her home with her family. Hope all is well with Ellen.

  2. This is a great picture; the brewery was known as South Side Brewing until 1938 and then became known as the Ambrosia Brewing Co. through 1958. The main brewery building was located on the NW corner of 37th and Halsted, which is now the main parking lot for Schaller’s Pump just to the south. In 1958, the brewery was purchased by the Atlantic Brewing Co. which was located on Fullerton Ave. and it was known as Atlantic Brewing Co. Plant #2. The brewery complex was torn down in 1965; the bottling house on 37th Place just around the corner from Schaller’s remained until it burned in the late 90′s. The two best known beers from the brewery in it’s heyday were Nectar Beer and Ambrosia Beer. There is no physical evidence of the brewery that remains today.

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