Class of 1937, Nativity of Our Lord Grammar School

Nativity of Our Lord Grammar School, Class of 1937

My friend Rose Sullivan just sent me this great photo of her Aunt Pat’s graduation from Nativity of Our Lord grammar school in 1937.  This photo was taken on the Nativity church steps, on 37th St. just east of Union Avenue.  Take a look at those doors and the molding.  I graduated from here too and don’t remember the church doors ever looking like this, do you?   Maureen-

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3 thoughts on “Class of 1937, Nativity of Our Lord Grammar School

  1. Now that you mention it, I don’t remember that dark color door, but I wasn’t even born yet . Trying to remember when they did some work on the Church, any idea?

    • No Cathy, I’m not sure when they made changes to the front of the church. Both the church and the Archdiocese are unable to answer many questions we have about updates and changes to the church(es).

      Does anyone have an older relative who might know when the changes were made to the front of Nativity?

  2. Ummm….are you sure this is a graduation class…the kids don’t look old enough. Could this be a 1st Communion group?

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